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Analytical, Strategic, Creative and Entrepreneurial
David Kolakowski is a charismatic, marketing, financial and technology business leader that has a track record of developing effective marketing solutions and resolving business problems to improve operational effiiciencies and increase the bottom line. David's marketing expertise squashes the traditional marketing approaches offered by today's marketing firms to drive revenues to the top line in multiples. His strong financial and analytical skills work together with his creative aptitude to design out-of-the-box solutions that encompass the company's vision as well as the isolated problem. His solutions have resulted in several awards for creativity and excellence.

He articulates a vision and strategy, communicates it to the stakeholders, then executes the strategic corporate initiatives that improve operational efficiencies, promote change and positively impacts the top and bottom lines. His applications enhance the end user experience which results in improved employee productivity and a happier workforce.

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In My Own Words
Find $100,000 in hidden profit in any business!

Using a propriety software analytical tool, David dives deep into up to 40 different areas of any business to identify revenue growth opportunities, business efficiencies and cost excesses for his clients.
 Coaching website BusinessStrategiesPlus.com
 e-Learning website BusinessAcademyPlus.com
Time Tracking & Billing

Redesigned workflow for recording and approving time records for employees off site and in house in multiple different countries with ERP integration both for project and billing data.
 Time sheet errors reduced by 99% and billing & collection cycle reduced from 30 to 2 days.
Ecommerce Application

Redesigned business process for posting products to site, integrating with ERP system, sales and processing orders back into ERP system. Accommodated multiple divisions and product lines.
 10 fold increase in sales over 3 years. Recognized by IBM with Excellence in Innovation Award
HR Perf. App. & Career Dev.

Designed a new approach for Human Resources to focus on Career Path Development, Performance Evaluation & tracking, mentoring, training and corporate improvement incentive plans.
 Reduced turnover rate from 20% to 5%
Patient Portal for Results

Restructured and designed a patient portal process where patients could get PCR test results online instead of via phone. Recorded 100,000 hits on the portal in the first 3 weeks savings to the organization in excess of $50,000 per quarter.
 Better Service to Patients
Technological Visionary

Recommended technology, selected vendors, managed development team and presented to potential investors for construction related application, using financial, construction and technology expertise.
 Application met all users requirements
Expense Tracking App.

Designed an application to handle shared expenses between 2 parties, where both can upload via their smartphones. Presented to investors, solicited customers and signed on reseller/referral partners.
 Finalist in InnovateHer contest in NJ


2020-Current Coach/Consultant

Architected and Designed a Corporate Dashboard for managing client onboarding, scheduling, purchasing and mentoring. Managed third party IT vendors for email and collaboration technologies.

Central Jersey Urgent Care

2020 - CFO Full time

Managed accounting staff, created reporting system for weekly, monthly and quarterly board presentations and improved internal processes to make the units operate more efficiently with better internal control. Managed third party vendors for payroll, retirement services, accountants, suppliers and web services. Managed design team to fix website and built the online patient portal to save $50,000 per quarter in costs for reporting PCR testing results.

Structure Tone, LLC

2000 - 2019 Consultant ≈ half time

Responsible for business process improvement to facilitate growth of the company, 800% over my tenure. Designed and Managed on-site and offshore resources to automate over 30 different systems that spanned 15 locations, 8 different countries, and integrated with ERP. Improved Human Resources Department and Employee Relationship to reduce turnover from 20% to 5%.

RENEW International

2006-2019 Coach/Consultant ≈ half time

Architected and Designed an efficient process for processing online orders, developed an intranet and ecommerce storefront, integrated with ERP system. Managed onsite and offshore resources and supported migration. Awarded Excellence in Innovation Finalist award from IBM for this solution.


2017 CTO (Acting)

Start up company, led requirements definition, vendor selection and project management for development of an app for the general contractor for construction projects. Managed third party vendors and provided weekly status updates for the owners.


2015-2016 Principal

Designed an Expense management system for a specific niche market, recruited a marketing partner. Conducted tradeshows and presentations in Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago and New Jersey, created an investor slide deck, business plan, forecast and make investor presentations. Recognized as a Finalist in NJ InnovateHer competition.

Mary Beth Oria, Chief Operating Officer, RENEW International, Inc.

"David was able to come in and quickly understood our business, our business challenges and created a solution that not only addressed our solution but he also expanded the solution to include other areas of the organization. The benefit to our business was greater than we hoped. I always appreciate bouncing ideas off of David, because he lends a unique creative perspective."

Dr. Chirag Patel, Owner, Central Jersey Urgent Care

"After just two weeks, it was clear David was improving our organization and making a difference. Excellent!"

Catherine Coloff, Owner IT Radix

"David is extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of technologies and is able to effectively apply them to businesses to streamline their operations, improve their Web presence and overall, increase their effectiveness. His obvious passion for his work and his commitment to his clients' success is clearly demonstrated through his actions and results. I recommend David highly to anyone considering a web-based application project."

Duane Hunt, Miracle Ear

"David is very good at finding the areas your business can improve and then giving you processes to help that growth."


University of Connecticut

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration/Accounting

Business Courses supplemented by a heavy concentration of math and computer science classes.
President of the Accounting Society
All Big East Conference - Track and Field

Where do you want to do in your next position?

I am currently working as a Revenue Growth Specialist helping companies find more profit in their businesses. This is a culmination of my years of experience and the more than 100 clients I have worked with. I use creative strategic applications of marketing that are ignored by most marketing companies to double and triple my clients' revenues. My experience in finance, accounting, technology, marketing and operations enables me to consider the entire business impact on decisions being made. My goal is to make the management team of my clients look good, while behind the scenes they execute the strategies I lay out for them.

What is your greatest strength?

I have an ability to look at an issue and figure out the best solution based on a knowledge base of information accumulated after working with and reviewing systems and business processes for over 100 companies.

How did you go from being a CPA to Consultant with IT awards and then to Revenue Generation Specialist?

As a CPA with Deloitte & Touche, I was always asked to solve some technology issue or some reporting issue that no one else could solve. When I move to private industry as a financial analyst, I was quicly promoted to AVP with IT oversight and marketing and operational responsibility in addition to my financial duties. At that point, I drove the initiative to get national recognition for our technology advances. Moving onto a technology company I had operations and sales responsibility, but I also had to manage the developers. This is where I got more heavily involved in the development of business solutions. I was very successful with the sales but this entity shut down across the country. When I had some initial business issue conversations with my contacts, they asked me if I would hire developers and manage the product development. This led to create award winning applications, mostly because they are designed with a business focus first and incorporate all aspects of the business to optimum the impact. All this resulted in me being able to help other companies drive their revenues, create efficiencies and increase profits.


How everything you ever learned about Marketing is Wrong

With the massive amount of marketing firms all vying for the same business, its sad that they are promoting their own services without regard for what really will work for their clients. In this fast paced educational seminar, David tackles some the foundation of marketing, why the current vendors are missing the target, what process the buyer goes through and what gets them to buy and why.

What's your MVP?

Often, inventors with great ideas and want to build all the functionalities into their first release, even though it is not feasible. The concept of MVP is to come up with a Minimally Viable Product with a list of features that will attract users to buy and use it, but not contain the entire feature set. There is a specific process to go through to determine which features your target users need to see in the MVP first release. .

What's your 168?

Motivation talk about how to better utilize your time and take control of your spare time and accomplish things you never thought you could.

How to create your 30 second elevator pitch

Unique approach at how to organize your introduction to make an emotional connection that drives action.

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